Multicultural Week

This week I have participated actively in a range of learning experiences around ‘Multicultural week'

WHAT: I was involved in a range of learning experiences for Multicultural week. I did okay trying to use chopsticks to pick up jellybeans.

I learnt how to make a Chinese creation called spring.
I enjoyed using chopsticks to pick up jellybeans.
I was most fascinated by all the cultures that we have at our school

A question I have is how many people live in Russia.

LITERACY WEEK Term 4 Year 2016


This week was literacy week. I did the scavenger hunt with Maxim. Year's 3 - 8 went to the hall to see Soraya Nicholas - visiting author. There was also the dress up day on Thursday.

So What?

My favourite part of literacy week was the dress up day.

Now What?

I want to put more effort into my costume for next literacy week.

Vocabulary Week 8 Term 3


I am learning to develop my skills about Idioms.


I have learnt about Idioms such as kicked the bucket means died.


I want to improve on my Idioms skills so I  know what Idiom means.

swimming at starfish term 3


2 weeks ago rooms 5,6,10,11 and 24 went swimming at starfish.


I've learnt more about breathstroke and a bit about butterfly.


I feel that i am doing really well in my swimming.

Word study Term 3 2016

Word Study - Blog 1 term 3

I am learning to understand how words are formed using roots, prefixes and suffixes.

So What?
I have learned that words that have the root hydra- and aqua- mean water. For example, aquamarine is the colour of the ocean.

I have learned that words that have the root spect- mean look / see. For example look at the spectacular sun shining.

Now what?

I feel that I have an excellent understanding of the root words aqua-, hydra-, and spect-